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Are you a man wearing lingerie, do you enjoy wearing wifes lingerie or wearing girlfriends lingerie, or pehaps you buy your own lingerie. If you are a guy wearing lingerie this is the place for you. You will be amazed at how many men wear lingerie from all around the world.

Submitted Stories 251 - 300

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In Front Of A Mirror
Girlfriends Panties
How I Started
Dressing Room
Out After 1am In Thong
My Favorite Shopping Experience
My Panty Story
Bar Meeting
Apartment Neighbors
Dressing At The Office
Costume Party
Wife Helps Me Dress
The Hotel
Transforming My Husband
Wife Friend
A Momento
Playing For The Camera
First Orgasm
Girlfriend Likes Me Dressing
Turned On By The Stories
Panty Line Sighting
Outdoors Fun
Beginning Of My Panty Love
Wanted To Know How They Felt
Wearing Their Things
Wearing Co Workers Panties
Friends House
Mother In Laws Panties
Bisexual Roomate
Putting On A Show
Wife Had Accident
Nurse Wife
Maid Costume
Check The Hamper
Favorite Time At The Mall
Super Found My Stash
Red Cotton Panties
My Love Of Panties
Who's Panties Were They
Wife's Friend
Mother In Laws Panties
Panty Diary

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