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Are you a man wearing lingerie, do you enjoy wearing wifes lingerie or wearing girlfriends lingerie, or pehaps you buy your own lingerie. If you are a guy wearing lingerie this is the place for you. You will be amazed at how many men wear lingerie from all around the world.

Submitted Stories 701 - 750

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Open Relationship With Wife
Our Open Neighbors
Another Couple
An Older Woman
Real Sissy Slut
Panty Flasher
Salon Fantasy
Meeting My Future Wife
Driving While Dressed
When The Wife Leaves
Wife And Her Friend
Caught Fully Dressed
Love To Dress
House Party
Wifes Cousin
Camping Trip
Telling Girlfriend
Pantyhose Bi Story
Moving Friends New GF
Going To Get A Soda
Bathing Suits
Friends GF Pictures
Mom Got Me Addicted
Loving Wife
Best Friend's Mom's and Sister's Panties
Female Co Worker
Ex Wife Got Me Started
Rolled Up Bikini
Had To Release
At The Cabin
Sis In Law's Panties
Fishing Trip Fantasy
Maintenance Man
What A Great Experience
Adult Store
Best Job
Wife Used To Play
Wifes Bathing Suit
Dressing For Halloween
Halloween Saturday Night
TV Fantasy
Bookstore Fun
Taking Her Favorite Pair
Got Caught Stealing Panties
At The Cabin
Long Time Panty Lover

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