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Are you a man wearing lingerie, do you enjoy wearing wifes lingerie or wearing girlfriends lingerie, or perhaps you buy your own lingerie. If you are a guy wearing lingerie this is the place for you. You will be amazed at how many men wear lingerie from all around the world.

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Lingerie wearing men is a site for all men wearing lingerie, crossdressers, those who crossdress or who enjoy crossdressing. Why should woman be the only ones to wear lingerie, woman have been wearing our clothing for years now its our turn to wear theirs, who says lingerie is only for a woman to wear. Its surprising just how many guys look better in lingerie than many woman do. Many pictures posted here will make you do a double take, as the men look better from behind than most woman, and those sexy bulges in the front hidden behind satin, nylon or lace will also get a rise out of you.

You will really be amazed at the number of men wearing lingerie from around the world, they visit lingerie wearing men to meet other men wearing lingerie, view pictures of men wearing lingerie, watch movies of guys wearing lingerie, read stories about men wearing lingerie and how they got started or about there encounters with other guys in lingerie. They also visit lingerie wearing men to post there own pictures, movies, and stories, you will be amazed at the number of guys in lingerie that have posted pictures, movies and stories here.

Many of us enjoy taking pictures of ourselves in lingerie, admiring just how sexy we look in lingerie, it definitely increases our sexual excitement looking in the mirror and seeing how good we look all dressed up, or taking some pictures of ourselves all dressed up and viewing them later to excite us once again. A lot of us also enjoy creating movies of us all dressed up in our favorite lingerie teasing the video camera, and bringing ourselves to a climax while we video tape it. Now you have a place to post those pictures of you wearing lingerie, and those movies of you teasing and climaxing for other guys who wear lingerie to get excited by.

Statistics show that there in an increasing number of men that wear lingerie, and statistics also show that many woman who find out there husband or boyfriend wears lingerie are accepting of it, and even turned on and encourage there husband to wear lingerie or there boyfriend to wear lingerie. We have many couples who visit our site and it gives those of us who have not told our wife we wear lingerie or our girlfriend we wear lingerie, it gives us hope and encouragement that someday we will be able to share our secret with our wife or girlfriend and be accepted by them. We have received many thank you messages from other men wearing lingerie that have wanted to tell there wife or girlfriend but have been afraid to but with the suggestions posted by others who have successfully told there wife or girlfriend they to have become successful in telling there wife or girlfriend that they enjoy wearing lingerie.
Have you been wearing lingerie alone for years and years, thinking you have to enjoy your love of wearing lingerie all alone, you don't have to wear lingerie alone anymore. Whether you are wanting to find other guys in lingerie to meet offline for lingerie fun, or whether you prefer to keep it online and make friends with other men who wear lingerie. Lingerie wearing men is a community in which you can communicate with other men wearing lingerie and not feel alone anymore. I know from my own experience that communicating with other guys in lingerie has really made my wearing lingerie experience so much more enjoyable.

Lingerie wearing men is for all men wearing lingerie, crossdressers, men who crossdress, or are into crossdressing, straight, bisexual, bi curious, gay, transgendered, wear lingerie full time, wear lingerie part time or wear lingerie occasionally, if you are a guy that likes to wear lingerie, you will enjoy being apart of lingerie wearing men.

Don't waste your time searching for crossdressing pictures, or pictures of men wearing lingerie and only coming up with a few pictures here and there, or finding that the site you once posted your pictures on deleted them because they do not allow adult content. It has happened to me in the past and its frustrating. All of the major mainstream communities do not allow adult content, and as I found out my profile did not last long on those communities, and I guess and I can understand and respect those type of communities for not wanting adult type content, but it was still frustrating to post lots of pictures only to come back and they are gone. So that is why I created a community for guys in lingerie, men in lingerie, and crossdressers to have a place where they can be themselves, post pictures, movies, and stories and know that they are being viewed by those who also wear lingerie and know that they will not be removed.

Lingerie wearing men is a discreet community for men wearing lingerie, and we respect your privacy and any information you exchange with us will not be shared with anyone. We understand that you want to keep your love of wearing lingerie a secret, so you can rest assure that we take your privacy very seriously. Come be apart of our lingerie wearing community where you are surrounded by like minded guys wearing lingerie. Our lingerie wearing community continues to grow and grow and its really amazed us just how many men enjoy wearing lingerie and they come from all different areas and backgrounds. So put on some lingerie, (my guess is that most of you are probably already wearing lingerie as you read this) and sit down and browse though all the features lingerie wearing men has.

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